HTML websites

Don't Be A But for the IFPA *designed by
Yoga Instructor Leigh Evans *reponsive
Music producer and engineer Charlie dos Santos
Brooklyn Borough restaurant and bar
Upcoming animated tv series pOny
Lewiston/Grand Island Dance company *based off of template *reponsive
All Credit Resources *reponsive
Voice Bridge NYC *reponsive
Singer Elisa Lovelie music site
Nautilus Tattoo shop
Videographer and photographer Jake Smith
Shadrow Clay hand-crafted pottery
Consulat of Gabon *reponsive
We Love Hair salon
Casting director and acting teacher David Cady business site *reponsive
Painter and photographer Susi Raphael
Make-up artist Michael Anthony
Actress headshot/reel site
Indie film teaser site for Tiny Giant film
Tattoo portfolio site for Jim Adams *designed by client

Flash websites

40th Anniversary site for the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory *designed by AKA
R&B artist Len Xiang
Interior designer and fine artist Roland Drew Lewis

Animated Banners

CSS animated banner for the Harry Potter Exhibition at the holiday Discovery Store in Times Square. *designed by AKA
1024x768, 300x600
Flash animated banner for the Broadway musical Forever Dusty *designed by AKA


Pitch bible for upcoming adult cartoon pOny *illustrations by Doug Compton
Promotional appeal mailer for upcoming season at Ensemble Studio Theatre
Donor drive mailer piece for Ensemble Studio Theatre
Polybond Award-winning annual report for the Episcoplian Church Foundation
Public advocate group Freedom To Marry informative collateral pieces
Marketing overview investment brochure for Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels
End of the year performance program for Ifetayo school


Poster for John Forte's documentary film "The Russian Winter" premiere at the TriBeCa Film Festival
Postcard for John Forte's documentary film "The Russian Winter"
Poster for indie film "The Breathtaking"
Postcard for Borough Restaurant & Bar
Postcard for CCK's "Eat. Drink. Live." event
Postcard for Ensemble Studio Theatre benefit event
Postcard for Ifetayo's "Stories Untold" end of the year production
Poster for Ensemble Studio Theatre production "Hand to God"
Postcard for indie film "God Complex"
Postcard mailer for RosieNYC
Thurst4Life event postcard
Poster calendar for Moe's Bar holiday events
Postcard for Moe's Bar
Concept postcard for Moe's Bar Halloween party
Postcard for Moe's Bar Christmas party


Photography book layout for Andrew Brucker's "8x10"
Layout for article "High on Dopeville" for Fly Magazine
Layout for article "I Am Hip-Hop" for Fly Magazine


iTunes albumn graphics for John Forté's Light Suite tracks
iTunes albumn graphics for John Forté's Windsong and Windsong Remix EP
Sampler albumn for John Forté's "The Russian Winter" film
Packaging design for front and back of Cleo's Cabinet soap package
Wedding invitation design
Website concept for Hated Royalty clothing line
Website concept for TiVo T-Spot campaign
Website concept for Madison Logic
Website concept for upgraded Travel Impressions website
In progress steampunk website for Absinthe & Old Lace
In progress parallax website for H2O Treks show
t-shirt graphics for Freshly Picked Apparel
impromptu design based off of a Craigslist ad I saw
Design submission for NiDecker snowboard company


Ad for Ensemble Studio Theatre production "Hand To God"
Retro-styled ad for BoothSeal
Print ad for Princeton Place properties
Ensemble Studio Theatre ad for call for submissions
Holiday ad for Makari make-up studio
Concept infographic ad for Tivo
Newspaper ad for Security by Prestige
Real estate listing ad for Savitt Realtors


Borough Restaurant & Bar
Corner Grind Bistro
End of Brooklyn tattoo
Vault0721 Frameworks
Freshly Picked Apparel
Vivre Vins concepts
Madhaus concept
Rock Gods concept
Beauty Within Media concepts
Sanuces-Kiwaza martial arts studio
  • Software skills
  • •••••Illustrator
  • •••••Photoshop
  • •••••InDesign
  • •••••Quark XPress
  • ••••Flash
  • Web skills
  • •••••HTML
  • •••••CSS
  • •••jQuery
  • ••••ActionScript*
  • CMS skills
  • ••••WordPress
  • ••Drupal

My portfolio is a potpourri as I enjoy creating specifically tailored designs for every client - no templates used that 50 other companies are using because I believe every company/product/artist/service is unique and my passion is to reflect that I try something new/unique whenever possible.

My story: My foremost passion is design and finding/creating new ways to express it. Yes, Bootstrap responsive and parallax is 'all the rage' at the moment, but I'm more about finding the next level or revisiting a forgotten style and revamping it – not just creating another 'well-designed' Wordpress template site variation. I enjoy learning new programming methods to convey art and innovation via new mediums in the digital world just as new/evolving printing techniques and mediums opened up new avenues to print. As an example I learned the basics of Drupal to produce a project because the programmer told me what the client wanted wasn't possible and had done the same for WordPress. That's what I pride myself on.

Yes, I can produce what hundreds of others have produced and can learn the program that you request quickly if requested, though my passion is design and innovation. What I want to do is find and experiment with new ways of creating experiences, and not being the person saying "you can't do this" but the person finding out "how we CAN do this and make it better".

If you made it this far, contact me and give me a challenge.